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Dear Dr. Harner,

Cannot thank you enough for the excellent care and attention you give to Balti. 
Thank you for your kindness and your patience, and a heartfelt thank you to your staff for the wonderful job they do! 
Nazi (and Balti)

To the wonderful doctors & staff at Irvine Pet Complex,

I'm thankful to have you take special care of me and give me love when my mom has to be away. 
Maggie S. (& Selena S.)

Dear Irvine Pet Staff,

Thank you for caring for me! 
Love, Emmy H. & Karen & Lee

Dear Dr. Harner & Staff,

My boys & I cannot thank you enough for providing them with the excellent medical care you do as well as the love, affection & safe and familiar place to go while I am sick and unable to provide them with their usual loving home and doggie mom who loves them more than anything! 
You all are the best! 
We love you! 
Tanner, Happy Dog, & Shari

Dr. Harner & Staff,

Thank you so much for your compassionate care of our little kitty—you don't know how much she (and us) appreciates feeling better! 
Thank you 
Matt & Tina K.

Dear Irvine Pet Staff,

This letter is to show my appreciation for the care and concern that Dr. Harner gives my little dog Puff each time. I want to mention his service as superb and exemplary. I'm so pleased I found such a wonderful veterinarian. 
Thank you so much. 
Heather S.

Dr. Harner & Dr. Gestine,

I greatly appreciate the generous amount of time & care that you have shown to my father, George, and his cat Pumpkin. 
As you can imagine, Pumpkin is becoming more & more important to him as the years go by. 
Thank you very much, 
Mark W.