Professional Bathing & Grooming

Irvine Pet Complex is pleased to offer professional bathing and grooming services to keep your pet looking and smelling their best.

Whether your pet is staying with us for the weekend, or is just in need of a “spa day,” call us to schedule a bath with our caring staff. Your pet’s bath includes a thorough washing with Irvine Pet Hospital approved shampoos and conditioners, a nail trim, and an ear cleaning.

Additional Fee-Based Options

  •  Anal gland expression
  •  Dematting
  •  Teeth brushing
  •  Medicated baths
  •  Flea treatments

For the safety of all our guests, we do require current immunizations for pets being bathed or groomed. If your pet is in need of any vaccines, our veterinary staff is available to provide them on the day of your appointment.

For more information, or to schedule a bathing or grooming appointment, please call us at 949-551-0304.